Cobra's origins go back to 2004 when cousins Shawn and Cam began doing construction out of the back of a red Safari van. They didn't start out working under the Cobra name, or specializing in concrete. The Cobra name was developed with the creative input of an early employee, and they became Cobra Builders under Shawn's ownership.

In Shawn's mind, Cobra Builders was going to do concrete and framing. A skidsteer and ride-on trowel were purchased, but in shared ownership with another local company. They were capable of prepping and pouring concrete, but not committed or restricted to it.

This didn't last long. The demand for concrete work was evident quite quickly and that became Cobra's focus. Besides more ride-on trowels, laser grading and screeding equipment was added to the fleet. Where pours of five to ten thousand square feet once seemed large, Cobra's capabilities grew to where fifteen thousand is taken care of quite routinely.

Cobra Builders incorporated as Cobra Concrete in 2012 and Cam officially became a partner in the business. In 2015, Shawn moved west to realize a dream of farming, and Mike bought into the company; assisting Cam in its operation through the last nine years.

Since its inception, Cobra has moved through a fairly diverse range of jobs. From framing, to foundations, to decorative concrete, polished slabs, and broomed slabs; we've worked in residential, agricultural, and commercial concrete.

Due to a loyal customer base, we have been able to specialize further. Our current projects are primarily in the commercial and agricultural sectors. Chicken barns, shops, and warehouses provide plenty of opportunity to put our placing and finishing equipment to good use at a large scale.

Although it is easy to become enamored with toys such as our laser boom screed, Cobra's abilities have always rested on shoulders of highly competent people. It has been our good fortune to employ people we regard as the best in the business. Where we are today is owed to their contributions, and the loyalty of our great customers.

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